OMG I Just Held A Nexus 4!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I WANT IT!!! My co-worker just showed me his Nexus 4, while I was blabbing about how amazing my GS3 was. I like the rubber on the side!! All the Glass and it feels so high quality. I did not wanna give it back. The photos don't do it justice!! I'm so pissed right now that I don't own one. He said T-Mobile only had to left, of course I would have it on ATT just pop my sim in.

I kinda wish it was in white tho. . .

Still to hold it was like holding life. I was one of the main people against it. The screen is sharp there is a difference in 1080 vs 720 and its very obvious.

Still I love my GS3 and trying to buy one is a major pain esp since ATT does not have it in stores. Lastly there is no LTE and I hear HSPA on ATT is a horrid experience! UGH What do I do?? - I can't deny the fact I will be able to finally get my updates on time and I miss Stock.

Might have to push a few bills to the side and get my Nexus 4 December 6th hopefully it won't take ages to ship then.