Nexus 4 headphone volume extremely low...

First of i should say that for me, music is one of the the main uses of my phone. Whenever i go out i have something playing through my cans and im probably in the Google Music app more than any other app apart from the verge or the browser. I also like my music loud, not so loud that im blowing my brains out but at least loud enough that i cant hear noise from around me. I havent had this with the Nexus 4

Before the N4 i had a HTC One S and used the Volume+ app with it, which provided quite a quality loud music listening experience. Since getting the N4 a few days ago i can hardly hear my music when on the bus or walking on the streets. For some reason the aforementioned Voume+ app doesnt work on the nexus, apparantly because its not compatible with jellybean, even though it worked on my One S running CM1O

Have any other Nexus 4 owners found that its a very quiet device when listening through headphones?

Any help in boosing my sound?

BTW im using a set of Philips uptown over ear headphones which are pretty loud on other devices