Looking for a new backpack - help me!

Hey there,

my trusty old Dakine backpack is slowly reaching the end of its lifespan. It's done me loads of good work but it's also slowly dying. The rubber coating on its inside has been peeling off for a long time, and when I get soaked in the rain (doens't happen too seldom) everything I carry gets wet, which is extremeley bad when carrying university books and folders etc. So it has to be replaced. Probably by something fancy!

Inspired by the nice set of bags presented in the "whats in your bag"-series done by the Verge I started looking for a new daily companion bag. MAybe you can help me find makes or models that I don't know yet?

Here's what I am looking for:

  • ought to be a backpack, can't cope with messenger bags and similar over-the-shoulder bags. When the weather is fitting, I get around a lot by bike, and for me personally a backpack is the most comfortable to use across all usecases (biking, commuting etc.)
  • should be at least rain resistant. I don't really need military grade waterproof: You know, should keep my stuff dry in messy rainy, german weather
  • should be reasonably sized. I guess I'd need a bag of about 20-30l capacity to cover all bases. I do not need a seperate laptop compartment. My current backpack has this "secure"-pocket located inside the backpadding which I always found extremely nice. It's not a must but would be nice.
  • I carry mostly day to day stuff like university folders or sometimes spare clothes, sport clothes and shoes etc.
  • cross-chest stabiliser straps would be nice for biking
  • materials: can be anything, I'm open to find out about new stuff (like the Freitag bags made of truck tarpaulin, thought that was pretty cool)

that should cover the basic aspects.

Here's the fancy brands I know beside the "regulars" like Dakine and Eastpak:

  • Chromebags: I found out about these through the WIYB-series. Really like their design. Would buy the Bravo backpack (best looking backpack In my personal opinion!) in a heartbeat if it wasn't a rolltop bag. I imagine always having to fiddle my paperwork though that would be pretty cumbersome. Thier other backpacks are all really boxy!
  • Token Backpacks: Seeme nice and really sturdy, but I din't dig the design too much. Also somewhat pricey for me (broke-ass student). Also difficult to get in Germany I'd guess.
  • Freitag: nice looking messenger bags with popping colors, but I don't like their backpacks too much (look like a girl's backpack??)

So there you have it. My quest for the perfect backpack. I imagine it's out there, perhaps you can help me find it?