Battery Life: Honesty

I've been browsing the forums and I'm noticing a trend:

Crazy high numbers regarding how long people's batteries are lasting. Just a while back, I saw someone write that they were getting 24hrs of web browsing on their phone.

24hrs??? Really???

I'm assuming that the person was using a smartphone of some kind. And I'm also to assume that they weren't charging their phone at all during this supposed 24hrs of usage.

Can someone please tell me what phone on the market currently that falls under the category of 'smartphone', has that kind of battery life?

I'm reasonably sure that not even the Maxx series from Motorola isn't able to maintain 24hrs of web browsing with the screen on. (Also, who in the hell is gonna be on their phone for 24hrs straight?!)

Please people, when describing your battery life, use as accurate a description as possible.