Windows Blue: How Microsoft Should Think About Convergence

With a front page post about Windows Blue, and a few ideas being thrown around about what it is going to bring to the table, there is still a lot of room for my imagination, as well as the Microsoft communities imagination to take hold. Thus I want to share what I hope Windows Blue will be, also keep in mind that rumored release date of mid-2013 coincides with the rumored release date for the Xbox 720, or at least the media version.

Tablet + Desktop + Phone

Now that Windows Phone and Windows are running on the same kernel, I think Blue will allow developers to create an application that can be bought once and will work on the Phone and the Tablet interference. This would be similar to the "+" notation given to the iPhone and iPad apps, yet this would be the first time where a single app can run on Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop interface. This would be HUGE. One store, one app, awesome possibilities.

+ TV w/ XBOX 720 ?!?!

Now as I said above, Xbox 720 is ready for a launch, or at the very least a reveal sometime in 2013. The possibility for Microsoft to release an Xbox 720 console built on the same kernel can be a complete game changer and a great place for Microsoft to innovate. Imagine being able to develop one game, that can reach the Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, and TV all at once. By introducing Windows Blue, they can set aside a set of awesome API's to allow this to happen. Also Microsoft, out of the Big 3, seem to have every type of input covered. Touch, Motion, Game Controller, Mouse, and Keyboard (And Xbox Surface, to bring Touch to the TV). Each application on each screen can exploit each of these unique forms of input. This not only affects games, but it also affects Apps. Microsoft can make a truly strong push for apps on your TV thanks to its Xbox brand.

Well that my idea, and hope it works