Kindle Fire 1st Gen, still worth it? $150

Hey guys, just wanted your opinion about this as I'm on the fence on this purchase. I've got my friend selling his kindle fire 1st gen, with a case + 1 year warranty from Best buy, which justifies the $150 to me right there. I'm just wondering with the specs and all would it be worth it as a purchase? I plan on rooting and flashing CM9 (or 10 I'm not sure which one is more stable atm).

I don't really need it but at this price, I feel like it's too good to pass up at the moment. I'd use it for streaming movies/shows on HBO Go app, Hulu, Netflix. Also I'd be putting on a couple of my ripped movies on there. Reading PDF files, and ebooks as well.

So what do The Verge readers say about this, would you purchase this Kindle, given the above circumstances?