Microsoft you are doing it all Wrong IMHO.

Why is there so much of hate towards the new exciting things which Microsoft is trying to do?

Answer is simple: It appears that MS designers are not normal users who are unable to visualize how users are going to use their phones and Tablets.

I would consider UI as a major element in my view, since its a common thing that, a pretty looking thing can attract anyone!

Windows 8:

The UI in my view is terrible. And the reasons in my view are below:

1. Shutting down the computer & general computer settings: I recently gave my Windows 8 laptop to my uncle and he just couldn't figure out where the shutdown button is! Its ridiculous that Microsoft designers feel users have to logout of their accounts first to shutdown the computer. The shutdown button is present deep inside settings button of the charms bar, which is again ridiculous.

2. Desktop - Metro Integration: I just cannot figure this out at all! I don't know if these things have been discussed lot of times already here, but these are my 2 cents:

a) Why isn't a Metro screen merged with the desktop. I mean, is it so tough and confusing to imagine a desktop screen full of live tiles, with a task bar & start menu at the bottom? A start screen with a background image can make it look exactly like a desktop screen.

b) Why not have an option to have small tiles on start screen ( a la WP8 style ). Having small icons for desktop program shortcuts would be a welcome move since, users may opt for completely going out of start screen by removing all the tiles & just have desktop shortcuts. And it really makes sense since, static desktop icons do not update!

c) removal of the start icon is a major fail IMO. since, start icon was supposed to be the starting point for the users to start anything. A start screen is a totally different thing from start menu and it must be treated that way. I know there can be endless debates about this, but I think my suggestion (a) should fix this problem which everyone is facing with Windows 8.

Just these changes and I think, Windows 8 would be easily called as, an advanced Windows 7! Wat do you guys here think.