I am 'almost' done with Windows Phone

Microsoft has given the finger to early adopters by announcing WP7.8 for early 2013.

I own a Lumia 800, bought on its launch day in India - 16th December, 2011. When MS announced that I wont be getting the full-fledged WP8 I was a wee bit disappointed but I found solace in 7.8 . At least I would have the main UI change - resizable live tiles.

Now that the dust has settled on the WP8 launch, I was expecting WP7.8 to come out sooner than later. Rumours of a Nov. 28 launch lifted my spirits and then they came crashing down :|

In India, we dont have a carrier contract system, so getting a new phone means buying it for its full price. Anyways WP8 has not yet been released here so upgrading is moot.

Since my Lumia 800 has no lag/wear-tear issues whatsoever, I am going to continue with it for the time being. And when its time is up, I shall jump ship to Android.

MS you should show some respect to WP7 owners.