Windows 8 Blue - Start Screen (Concept)

Windows 8 Sapphire

Welcome to Windows Sapphire. This is a concept I designed for fun, which was my initial idea of Windows 8 when I first heard and saw it. This is your Start Screen. It's used to access your files, apps, even prospective widgets. Think of it as your "Dashboard". In your settings, you have the option of showing the "Start Screen" upon boot-up or hiding it, showing only Desktop.

It's a bit frustrating knowing the possibilities of software and how Microsoft either tried too hard, or just ignored UI/UX matters in Windows 8. Windows 8 is a GREAT concept, but it falls short of execution catering to both Power & Mobile Users. Making it an "app" is ridiculous, especially when we all know it's not really an "app", it's more of a work-mode. I along with many others have no problem "adapting". That's not the problem, and Microsoft needs to realize HOW the system should work.

The idea behind the new Start Screen is EPIC, but it's executed wrongly. It should be treated more as a "Dashboard" not a Jailhouse "portal" to gain access to what's on the computer. It needs to work alongside the Desktop in an environment that gives the proper desktop-mobile or power-user experience.

Start Screen Usability:

Why not boot to "Desktop" but have the "Start Screen" (Which should be called Surface UI in my opinion) load as a "menu"? Then the user/admin can have the option of showing Start-Screen menu when the computer starts-up or not. I know this is not likely to happen but the least Microsoft can do is place the "Windows" icon on the task-bar to launch the Start Screen, or even a minimized version of it. Then users will have the option to launch full screen by hover+clicking in the bottom-left corner.

Start Screen Backgrounds:

What's the point of crazy Start-Screen backgrounds? There's limited space, with only the top and bottom of the screen being completely viewable, so they might as well make it an adjustable transparent background to go over the desktop.

I'm working on a UI/UX project called Windows Sapphire and my goal is to promote this idea and any other possible suggestions. It can be see here:

Start Screen Demo

App Launch Demo

App Demo from Brian Whitfield on Vimeo.