Is Nexus 10 Worth Spending $399 If I Already Own a Note II and N7?

This happens every year. Holidays roll around and I'm just dying for am excuse to make a gadget purchase. Currently I'm rocking a Note II and I've noticed that since I've picked it up, my Nexus 7 gets minimal love because, well... the Note II is just that damn big.

Ironically, I stopped using my first gen iPad when my N7 originally showed and now I want to go back to a full size slate, but I just need to be sure that it's worth the $399.

Some reviews of the N10 complained that it wasn't too smooth, especially with Chrome, but now that 4.2.1 has been sent out, has that changed? Was it being overblown to begin with?

I want to be able to not have to reach for my laptop every time I'm hanging out on the couch and want to do my routine websurfing. And that screen resolution has more than piqued my interest. I just need some honest opinions, I'm not trying to buy a $399 coaster.