Going all in on MS, and here is why

After all the Microsoft hate I decided to put out my own story.. ;-)

..after accidently destroying my iPhone 4 (satisfied with it then!) I was disappointed with the 4S specs and switched on a whim to an HTC Titan. I quickly fell in love with the interface and yes, we had to wait a while but I am seriously not missing any apps anymore besides one particular banking app. Even got my 67 yr old mother on board as a satisfied Lumia 800 user (she doesn't care or know about 7.8, but loves the tiles, the navigation etc.).

I decided to upgrade my laptop and PC to Win8 because of the low update price and because I liked my Winphone sop much. Yes, it takes a lot of getting used to, it is kludgy at some points but i already like a lot of apps and keep getting better at it.

Yesterday I have put in a preorder for a Lumia 920, which will only be available in januari in the Netherlands,after playing with it externsively in a German shop last weekend. What a beauty! Me being a musician the HAAC recording is a bonus as well. BTW I have never seen so much promotion and these kind of pre-order actions for a WP7 device. Check out these two sites for example

http://www.phonehouse.nl/ http://www.smartphoneshop.nl/
It's a fact that a lot of people in the Netherlands knows Lumia by now and the interest in and knowledge about the 920 is above all I have seen in the last years with regards to WP.

I will also be getting a SurfaceRT and maybe two, because my fiancee needs something to use office lightweight on the road and me trying to use my iPad to work paperless has failed because I'm missing USB, Office and a keyboard. My and my fiancee are already on a joined (family) calender, have Live adresses, Skype/Messenger, Office and Skydrive all in use. I love the ecosystem so far and she will switch to WinPhone also (not because I had to convince het but because she likes the interface, she has an iPhone 4 now). Only thing is that the 920 is just to big for her tiny hands but she wants the PureView camera and it has to be Nokia for her.. (So Nokia please put out a 920 version with less bezel and a 4" screen max';-)

I almost forget my two Xboxes. "Play to" Xbox and smartglass are amazing for me.

What everybody keeps forgetting is that it is really early stages. Both win8 and WP8 where finished (almost too) late, we all saw the signs. So only now apps are starting to be developed and only now updates will become available which will improve performance and functionality. The shared Windows NT core, native apps on WP8, it will all lead to a LOT of new apps the coming months.. Eg. I am confident a notification centre will arrive on WP8 (although I do not dramatically miss it) for example and that Win8 apps like mail & music will improve also.

We have just started (and yes MS are quite late to the game). MS had to put in a lot of effort to rebuild the engine, only now they can focus on adding chrome and bells. Also the retail situation will improve with more shops and adjustments for the new demand levels. Nokia seems really to have been caught by surprise though.

Knowing that MS will al least keep support alive, I hope they will succeed because of the app situation. If they don't I will still be a happy user for the coming years.

Do not write me off as a fanboy btw, I have been a satisfied iPhone/iPad user and still think they are great devices. I am not looking for a lot of people to technically counter my arguments or prove my wrong. I just wanted to explain my reasoning behing going all in on MS and reaping the benefits I see in convenience with that (excuse my rant ;-) You are entitled to think otherwise :-)

Any more of these stories?