Wait: Windows Store has more apps, more downloads than Mac App Store in just one month?

I wonder why Macs never receive a low "Ecosystem" score, neither they are dismissed by not having enough apps, this figures are just lackluster, I never thought it was that bad.

few other important statistics were noted about the Windows Store in the report:

  • The Windows Store is the largest launching app store of all time
  • Only 65% of all apps on the Store are available in North America; this is most likely due to localized content for countries such as Japan
  • The average price for all applications is $13.32 in the overall Store, which increases to $14.29 for desktop apps and is just $4.87 for ARM-supporting applications. In the Mac App Store the average price is $12.55
  • Out of the 80 countries with access to the Store, on average 10% of the top 300 apps are locally popular only. This is considerably higher in non-English speaking countries such as Japan (41%) and Korea (30%)
  • Microsoft Studios is the most popular Windows Store publisher worldwide