Surface Ad (sort of) of an episode of TV show Surburgatory

So last night I am watching one Surburgatory, a sitcom in its second season on ABC. Last night's episode was dedicated to the main character Tessa, loving her Surface tablet and how she carries it everywhere with her. Other than the fact that it was odd that Tessa suddenly fell in love with a tablet out of nowhere, her character had previously showed no interest in computers, tablets, or technology on the show, it was interesting product placement.

The problem I had with the "episode ad" is simple. Not once in the episode does Tessa say "Surface" or "Microsoft". She instead says "tablet" instead, constantly. It was really weird. Anyone interested in the product would not know what it is.

The concept of the episode is similar to an episode of season one of Modern Family S1E19 "Game Changer" (another ABC show) where Phil Dunphy lusted for the iPad 1 when it was about to be released. Except iPad is said constantly throughout the episode.

Here is the link to the episode of Surburgatory on Hulu: