The Surface pro can easily replace my entire desktop solution

899 Dollars, quite a lot of money no matter how you look at this but this is some serious bang for the buck, at least for me is. What can I do with this 900 dollar wonder?, well, for starters, replace my desktop system, yes, all of it, I've a Core i5 2300 desktop system with 4 GB of RAM, 2 500 GB hard drive, and a 24 inches monitor. On top of that I've a NAS where I actually store my data. With this somewhat mediocre specs I actually earn my salary as a remote worker and despite its apparent limitations it has enough to perform my data mining task more than comfortably. I also have a Surface RT that I now use for web surfing while working (don't tell the boss), and its form factor and convenient kickstand are just perfect for my working space.

With the Surface pro a display port cable can replace my entire desktop system very easily, since everything I do happens on the Windows Desktop, the Surface RT can act as a secondary monitor for metro apps and web surfing, 64 GB is enough for me as most of my files are stored in my NAS and the rest are in the Cloud.

I used to do my work on a laptop before but I started using my desktop instead simply because switching from one screen to the other was somewhat clunky and the laptop keyboard does take space from my working area, while the Surface occupies a lot less volume.

At least for me the Surface Pro represents the death of the desktop, There is no reason for so much bulk behind underneath my desk that I can't even carry it with me.