My HTC 8X Review

So after "suffering" through the last 1.75 years of the HTC Trophy, I finally was able to upgrade to the HTC 8X. In Blue BTW. Shipped a day early, which was nice. So far, the transition was pretty painless as my contact were all saved with my MS account. Swtiching over was as simple as telling the new phone my accounts. re-downloading apps was simple and no problems with having to rebuy them. Set up my datasense application with little to no problem. Windows Phone App to transfer music was pretty easy (although I could not figure out how to do a single song from an album). I did find it very easy to get new ringtones, which I couldn't really figure out how to do very easily on WP7. Start screen is better and allows devs to create different live tiles based upon the size of it. I find myself wanting to have a bunch of 2X4 tiles though. Most useulf things I have found thus far are Family Room, Lenses (although lenses are lacking right now), and the tap+send for pics, documents, webpages, etc... Camera is way better than my Trophy. phone is lighter (it seems). Screen is way better. I have downloaded all the maps for my area's I go to (planning on going to B.C. this weekend so not having to get data while in Canada will be nice. So far, the phone and OS are just better than WP7 devices in every aspect. Could not be happier with the performance and services provided. I would like two apps though, PAC-12 App, and a ESPN3 app of some sort.