Best Buy Explains Why There Was A Small Selection Of New Windows 8 PCs In Its Stores

One of them is that PC makers haven’t been able to deliver their tablets and hybrids in time for Windows 8′s launch due to issues with manufacturing. Many Windows 8 tablets use touchscreens larger than 10 inches, which has been the standard for Android tablets from companies like Samsung, Asus and Acer. Production is still ramping up for the larger screens, Bonfig said, and while the manufacturing process for 10-inch panels has been refined over several years, the process for larger panels is still more likely to produce defective units. The mechanical aspect of hybrid designs is also new, Bonfig said, so manufacturers are still trying to improve quality standards there as well.

Supply issues aren’t the only reason for Best Buy’s small selection. Bonfig said the retailer simply decided to pass over some Windows 8 hybrids–those with detachable touch screens–because they didn’t seem like a good value for shoppers.

Best Buy uses what it calls a “Value Equation” to figure out how much potential products are worth to customers. Drawing on past sales data, the company assigns perceived value to individual features such as processing power, screen size and memory. If the total perceived value exceeds the actual price–in other words, if it offers bang for the buck–the product has a good chance of landing in stores.

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