What headphones, for my soon-to-arrive Lumia 920?

So I've ordered the Nokia Lumia 920, and it will hopefully arrive next week (Denmark here...), and i'd really like some good headphones to use with it.


via www.mobilechoiceuk.com

I hate in-ear's because I feel like they get really greasy, and over-all the feel is discomfort, I would prefer either a slim over ear, or on-ear.

Ideally they should be stylish, and not look too bombastic, because i'm not an audiophile, and I'd rather take style over super high quality audio, and it's gonna be the 920 playing, so that in itself restricts quality of sound.

They also need to be available on the market right now, because its for Christmas wish.

I hope you guys will bring your thoughts on the matter and maybe suggest some, or a brand.