My HTC 8x Experience

So, I decided to try the WP8. I had android as my first Smart phone and held on to it b/c I honestly didn't like the UI of apple (I still believe they offer the best hardware.) My Android experience was...meh. Though, by the time I switched my Android OS was, I think, 2 updates behind b/c it lacked a dual core.

My biggest problem with my android phone was lack of "synergy" with existing options. EG Facebook and Skype primarily. Skype would only work if I had launched it and then it seemed to crash if I switched from Wifi to LTE so that made it a hassle to keep running properly. This seems to not be androids fault(I think?) And same with facebook, I had to open it to see changes/updates. Now, all of this could have changed with the new OS versions but I wouldn't know.

Now, we have my new WP8. My MS account is linked with my Google account, Facebook account, and Skype account. Meaning it has perfect synergy with all my primarily used software. This makes Skype a joy to use (almost like using the standard phone, though I do have to put in my password to actually answer it but it's still far better than android) Facebook is easy to updates with the live tile and mail goes to the proper live tiles as well. Plenty of apps, too. I've only found one app I wanted but wasn't there (oh noes! /sarcasm) But I'm not big into the word games so I don't really care about the stupid wordament and what not that tech writers seem to be so fond of.

Pictures: SINCE everything is linked, my photo's section of my phone has everything. Skydrive photos, facebook photos, and obviously locally stored photos. My android phone required a couple different apps to view all that

Music: Using Xbox music pass blows away iTunes and Google play. I just load up songs into my library on my Win 8 computer aaaaand that's it... My xbox, tablet (which I dont' have yet, sadly) and phone all have access to the music without having to plug anything in and it all auto syncs. Perfectly easy :) * NOTE: The tech writers seem to complain that the music app sucks and primarily b/c it was difficult to "view music". Did they miss the first section of the music app? Where if you click on MY MUSIC it takes you to a standard music search area of the app that lets you sort and search all of your music by song, album, genre, etc...??? Like wth, did they even TRY to do it or just open the app and go "Welp, I don't instantly see the organizing options for my songs...this sucks" Oh wells, it works great in my opinion.

Performance: Smooth, fast, and generally pleasant to use. VERY occasionally something will studder a small amount. I barely notice it, honestly.

I personally have enjoyed the phone and hope that more people adopt it so MS doesn't get discouraged and drop it for whatever reason. Sales seem to be up, though. So that's good. People will have to get their heads out of Apple and Androids butt before they try it, though. People are starting to get into "ruts" with technology. As in, they've found something they like and don't want to swap to something that seems better b/c it would mean learning something. s the first thing when you hear tablet? most people will say ipad. THAT is why Surface sales are slacking. The average consumer has apple brain right now. At least in the USA.