Concept: Every App should have "desktop mode" and "tablet mode"

I'm not a graphic designer. This was done in MS Paint.

This would solve a lot of the problems people have about being forced into metro while giving power users higher information density and access to new apps.

First: All apps already have different toggles if you right click or swipe up from the bottom.



Click on "desktop mode" on bottom left hand corner, and your current screen is shown on the desktop with the MSFT ribbon.



All of the toggles are automatically put into the ribbon to help you navigate the application. The text in the application, photos, and other materials are rendered smaller so you get more on your screen at one time.

Second: All settings normally accessible from charms, are placed onto the ribbon.



If you click on one of the categories, it drops down directly underneath allowing access to any toggles.



I realize it doesn't look all that pretty. You could re-size the windows as you normally would be able to from the desktop.



Is this feasible from a coding standpoint? What drawbacks would it have? Would you prefer this feature or combining the taskbar and metro?