Best Music Managing Application: OS X

With Nathan's post today about the release of iTunes 11, I am optimistic that the latest offering from Apple will be a significant improvement on my current iTunes experience, but my optimism ends there. I like iTunes because (1) I use a Mac, iPad, iPods, etc. and despite it's shortcomings it "just works" with these products (sidenote for haters: I rock a galaxy nexus, so please calm down); (2) I'm familiar with it; and (3) I don't really know what else is out there and am reluctant to download new software and dive in with something as important as my music collection.

I am not interested in music streaming services (and have tried Spotify and Rdio in the past) because I don't feel like paying subscription fees for a service that (at the time I tried them) was missing some of my essentials (albeit, fairly obscure). I like complete control over my library and traditional music applications sort of give me that control (right down to using the command line to maneuver new files and downloads into place).

So I turn to you, The Verge Readers, to please share any non-iTunes, Mac-friendly applications you use instead, what it was that made you take the dive, and what specifically you think puts it ahead of its competitors. I have minor OCD and custom organization is a big plus for me, which is one of the things that has always irked me about iTunes. Of course, being able to play a wide range of file types is essential - think VLC but for music along those lines.

Thanks all