The great debate

A friend and I are quit into this whole tech scene and quite often debate the differences and favored aspects of mobile OS's. With it's recent release Windows 8 has been added to our list of operating systems. I think it's total bunk, I'll stick to Linux. He thinks it's great and is being undermined. He just sent me this, and I want to know what this community thinks of his argument, you ideas and inputs on it. He goes a bit off windows 8 and hits all the major mobile os's.

"Microsoft is trying to approach the Surface in a terrible way.

If they were to sell the surface as a full computer with the functionality of a tablet, we would have a whole different story when it comes to the current gen tablets out there, and the Surface Pro (Not RT as it stands) could be a valid and highly competitive contender to the tablet market.

I also feel as though GUI aspects should be put into MAJOR account when talking about which to use. It's hard to dispute the fact that the usability and convenience of the iPad's home screen is like asking a sloth to deliver your mail to the post office within the hour.
Call me a minimalism nut, but I don't find that trying to find the right app in a sea of apps when time is running short to be all that practical compared to the app drawer method used by W8 and Android.
Android and W8 have this down pact; Allow the user to put on their home-screen what they NEED for their everyday life style, and cut out the rest of the apps you don't regularly use from view until you need them. Now I realize that the search function is available when it comes to finding apps on a horribly cluttered iPhone, but this is about the GUI and the convinces that each one has to make your experience more productive for your needs. 3 clicks to open the same app you have to search for to get to. Take your pick.

Just something to make ya think about - Cam."

Tossing this over to you guys for more feed back