What went wrong with Windows on ARM

Okay, so I wrote a post on PCs that is about why there is no Xeon Phi/Larrabee for consumers, which I think is quite interesting for the Microsoft Tribe. You can find it here:

Why Intel stopped working on Larrabee for consumers, or how AMD can save itself
(nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion, right?)

To quickly break it down: Larrabee meant running x86 apps on ARM-machines; Microsoft liked that, but Intel wanted to hold their position, so they killed of Larrabee; Microsoft still needed ARM, so they made Windows RT

I think we can agree Windows RT is a bit of a mess TOTALLY AMAZING, and I think this is the reason why it is that way. I don't think we will ever see something like this from Intel. Luckily we still have AMD (for a little while?), and they can make this. The question is, will they?

So what does the tribe think of all of this?

COME ON PEOPLE, I'm talking about what went wrong with Windows on ARM, not what went wrong with Windows RT. I like it.