Windows 8 Laptops: Touchscreen AND Dedicated Graphics?

Hey Tribe,

I have recently started my mission to find my next laptop. There are some specs that are important to me, and others I'm willing to sacrifice for the sake of cost.

There are 2 must-haves for my next laptop in order to keep it somewhat futureproof:

1) Touchscreen - I don't think I need to get into this. Read reviews of W8 touchscreen laptops and you'll see that the reviewers agree that it's such a nice feature. I've tested it out in stores and I love it so much that it's a dealbreaker for me.

2) Dedicated graphics - In all honesty, I could probably get by with an i5 including an HD 4000 integrated chip. However, for the sake of futureproofing, I'd prefer to have something with dedicated graphics. This will also be my ONLY computer, so I need an option for some gaming, even if not at the max settings.

I've seen a few laptops that have each of these features well within my price range, however, I have yet to find ANY laptop with BOTH.

Just to add: my price range is roughly $1000 CAD (+tax). I'd be happy to be below that, but will certainly pay that for something with both features. I'd actually prefer a hybrid drive to keep cost down and storage up, and if I must, I'd sacrifice screen resolution to the standard (1366x768) found in sub$1000 laptops.