Help me Decide my OS Choice for the Next Few Years

A little back story.

Two years ago my choice was obvious, I wanted an iPhone. My first cell phone was the Razr, when I was around 15, I had just about every Sidekick, until I settled for Blackberries. Last year on Thanksgiving I lost my Bold, and needed a new phone; it was time. I left T-Mobile, and joined Sprint. (Who I'm now considering leaving for Verizon but that's another story) I purchased an iPhone 4S, and I was happy. At the time I didn't have a job, and being broke means I lie to myself and say I don't need certain things. Now that I have a job, I'm more materialistic. I'm really sorry, I can get off topic at times, and you'll notice that..

Now my issue - Hardware

I'm an odd mix. I'm old fashioned, but I love technology. I don't understand the need for apps on televisions, or on blu-ray players, or 3D. I just purchased a simple, 32inch Samsung LED, and I love it. To me, television is just a screen I hook up with my Xbox. I've seen Microsoft and Google go through massive changes. UI seems to matter more to them, their own hardware as well. They don't match Apple at all, yet, but it's great to have choices now. I saw the Surface and thought it was beautiful, Windows 8, not so much. The Nexus line is great, Android has really grown up since the days when I owned a G1 and a myTouch. But the hardware feels and looks cheap. Might seem silly to you, but the lack of color options is a downer for me also. At this point in my life an Xbox, laptop, phone, and tablet matter. I have an Xbox 360, the original, I didn't see the need to upgrade. I hear a true next-gen model is coming out which I will buy. As for a laptop, I'm torn between the 13" Macbook Air, or 13" Macbook Pro. I love the Macbook Air, because it's so light and thin. The Pro has a retina display, but it isn't as light or thin as the Air. I've always been a Windows user, but I think it's time to move on. When it comes to tablets I can't choose between an iPad Mini or Nexus 7. I love the Minis screen size, but hate the low res, and closed operating system. The Nexus' screen is smaller, than the Minis, not by much but I can see how 7.9 is better. As for a phone, I need 4G. My 4S is stuck on 3G, and I'm not sure if Sprint can deliver when it comes to 4G so I'm thinking about going to Verizon. It is more expensive, but I don't think it's by much. Since it's just me.


Windows 8 is ugly, sorry. It's different, but very ugly. There are loose ends everywhere. I feel like Windows 8 is Android 1.0 I hate the big, colorful, cheap looking icons. Android has a beautiful UI, but loose ends as well, omitting the month of December in 4.2 for example, get it together. iOS, is...BORING. But beautiful. I use Google services. Gmail, Reader, Youtube, Search, Chrome, and Maps. For Microsoft I use Xbox 360, hopefully Xbox Music instead of Spotify when it comes to iOS, and Skydrive because I have 25GB of free storage. As for Apple, it's a bit sad. I don't use iTunes anymore, except for Podcasts. I don't use iCloud, or Photo Stream. Obviously I use their App Store. And I loved Ping. Just kidding. I think a laptop is becoming like a television. Just a screen. In the Macbook side even if it's made by Apple it doesn't matter, I can use all Google and Microsoft services. Just like my television is made by Samsung, but I can plug in my Xbox, Apple TV, or Roku. Laptops are no longer, political. If that makes sense? Tablets are media consumption devices not productivity devices in my opinion, so I feel as if the brand and OS matters. Do I want iPad with all Apple services. Or Android with Google Play?


  • Windows Air with Retina Display
  • Nexus 7 with a higher PPI and the iPad Minis screen size
  • My next phone has to have a 4+ inch screen, LTE, NFC, and a 12+ MP camera. iOS needs a UI facelift for me to consider an iPhone again. And Nexus would need LTE and a higher mp camera on Verizon for me to consider it. Not HSPA+ on AT&T and T-Mobile.

I'm so torn. These are all first world problems, I know. But I do need help choosing. I want your opinion because I respect The Verge, and their community. You guys are more level headed, and educated, or so you make it seem. I'm really sorry if this is not posted in the exact spot. I'm a current iPhone user, so it seemed okay to post here. I didn't think the off topic section would be correct.