Microsoft will Crush Google...and Apple? Seriously?

I was doing my usual scan of tech articles and I came across this NASDAQ article from Sizemore investments claiming that in the long term Microsoft will crush Google. Now I am not an finance expert, and I honestly think half of them really aren't but I find a lot of holes and just pure weirdness in the article.

Here is the core of their argument that Google does not have a long term strategy.

Google Play is incapable of syncing music to an SD card; it can only save your music to your phone's internal memory. That's a problem when you have 32 gigs available on your SD card and less than 2 gigs in the phone's internal storage.

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Now you really must read the whole thing, and it is short don't worry, to see my point but seriously is this guy really saying that Microsoft will crush Google because of a flawed business model, and they are using inaccurate Play Music gripes to justify that?

I think many investment analyst are out of their league in the world of IT and I think it is steadily starting to show. What do you all think?