Maybe this is better posted here....

It's not really off ofd topic, it really should be in the PC forum but feedback over there is slow.

I dove into tech early, when I was eleven and have been at it ever since. I've watched a lot grow and have made my informed decisions. Android holds phones, Apple has tablets and normally I believe Linux is best on computers. Still being young though I always have a craving for change in my day to day life. They are so many PC operating systems out there and I want to have a a set OS for my computer like I do with my other devices while still satisfying my want for change. So simply put, what is the most innovative, and frequently updated OS that is best for my 3 main things, Coding/Android development, music, and news. I want it to be well rounded in other categories too, I don't want to try and edit a photo on a piece of horrid software for example.

What do you consider to be the best OS?

What do you use and why?