This is why you buy an x86 Tablet device like the Surface Pro

I was just watching the Second 2014 Corvette C7 teaser video, saw this guy,and was instantly reminded of myself before I got my Series 7 Slate.


I've seen a lot of "Just buy a Laptop/Ultrabook" remarks lately. If you've never been in a situation that forced you to try to use your laptop like the above then you'll probably never understand why people will want an x86 Tablet.

After using an x86 Tablet for more than a year now I'm pretty firm in my belief that this is the future of computing. I can hook any keyboard up to my slate. I'm not stuck with the keyboard that the manufacturer attached to it all the time or the awful trackpads out there. I would rather use any one of my standalone mice I have lying around then any trackpad ever made. That goes for keyboards as well. IBM Model M anyone?

And yes I can even use my SS7 Slate in my lap and have done so on many occasions.

Don't forget you have an active digitizer as well for when it's inconvenient to use a mouse and keyboard in the desktop.

I've seen a lot of people use the quote "Jack of all trades, but Master of none" lately. In my experience this is complete rubbish. An x86 tablet is a complete laptop replacement. It is a complete desktop replacement. It is a complete tablet replacement. The only thing you need is the appropriate peripheral to make it the master of handling that current task. Because of its high adaptability you fit the Tablet to your current usage scenario and it will be the best device you've ever owned.