iTunes 11: Like or not?

For me, I totally love it. The interface is clean and sleek. It lets me focus on enjoying my media and better manage my libraries. And new features like Up Next are just awesome ideas. The new Mini player? It's more than what I expected. The controls actually fade away to minimize distraction and appear again when you hover your mouse over it. Again, the attention to detail from Apple. The iTunes store is now consistent with iOS 6 and, faster and smoother. Really, everything is much better.

But still I do have some things to ask for. Ever since I installed iTunes 11, when I open it for the first time, it gives me exactly 4 error message and the application opens. And iTunes still freezes occasionally... though not as slow as the previous one. And the new mini player, while the controls fade away, the album artwork remains there vying for your attention. I hope the album artwork also fades away.

Apple said it took some extra time to "get it right" and I think they've nailed it. What do you guys say about the new iTunes 11?