Nexus 7 as the first and only Android device?

So, I've been a Windows user since forever on my personal machines, mostly Linux for work, own an Xbox 360, and more recently a Lumia 920. I never had an Android device, and was never into that ecosystem.

Now I am thinking of spoiling myself and getting a tablet. I cannot imagine using it that much since I spend most of my days in front of a computer anyway, so I was thinking the price ranges of the iPad (even the Mini) or the Surface are out of the question, for something which essentially for me will be a "toy". So I was of course looking at the Nexus 7.

Do you think it can actually "fit" in my current gadget list? My only concern is that I am not part of that ecosystem in any way. Do you think it could work smoothly, or am I just trying to mix oil & water here? Maybe I am over-thinking this, but I just wanted to get any feedback you have.

Edit: Also do you think 16GB is enough? Or should I go for 32GB? I would love to go for the cheaper option :)