Rumored Specs for Surface 2 and surface book?!

Hey everyone,

So the guys over at Microsoft posted a tweet from MS Nerd talking about rumored specs for the next surface pro,rt and Surface book? Maybe Microsoft's own attempt at a laptop.

Theres the link check it out!

He said a 14.6 inch surface book running an Intel ivy bridge successor (haswell) chip as well as an 8.6 inch Surface Rt running a snapdragon chip and for the Surface pro a kind of a let down of a dumbed down chipset using an AMD Temash chip for an 11.6 inch. Im not to sure is MS Nerd trustworthy? Has he been correct lately? So we'll see!! What do you guys think?

P.s the Surface pro for 899$ is a lot cheaper then I thought and cant wait to get one! How about you guys? Gonna pass or going all out for the pro?!