Surface RT or Nexus 10?


Surface RT


- Fresh and exciting user interface

- Office apps

- Great hardware (full usb port is nice)


- low screen resolution, although the cleartype technology really does give it nice contrast

- although the kickstand and keyboard cover are really cleaver and useful features, I don't see myself wanting to replace a laptop that way

- slightly taller (10.81 x 6.77 x 0.37 vs 10.4 x 6.9 x 0.35)


Nexus 10


- Amazing screen (2560x1600)

- 10% lighter than Surface

- rubberised back makes for easier one handed holding

- front facing speakers


- despite powerful CPU & GPU some benchmarks are less than expected (perhaps only some tweaking needs to be done, Google just released an update for Chrome for Android yesterday

- some are claiming battery life will be 8 hrs. max, which is really fine for me but not for some

- it would be nice if they gave it a cover that allowed it to be propped up at an angle... ya know, kinda like the iPad

Realistically... I'm getting the Nexus 10 because I love Android and Nexus devices and having 4.2 on a really ergonomic phone that's all glass & a tablet that's the lightest in its category that sacrifices metallic style for comfort and grip... which I think is well worth it, made evident by the Nexus 7. I just wanted to see if there's something astounding I'm missing about the Surface.