Can we start speculating on the Samsung Galaxy S IV?

So the GS3 was unveiled on May 3rd and this may be a little too soon considering we're 7ish months away from the s4's announcement but I was curious what you all might think.

I think it's important for Samsung to have the best specs on paper so I'm thinking:

Exynos 5 quad core processor

I think they'll increase the screen size again in a smaller footprint similar to how they transitioned from the note 1 to the note 2

1080p screen. No way do they want to be outspeced by HTC. I'd like to say they'll move away from amoled but I highly doubt it.

They will absolutely have to give it a crazy big battery with that screen so I'm guessing 3000+ mah

I also think they'll stick with the plastic with then flimsy removable bag, I don't think they'll change that until their desperate.