Why Windows 8 and the Surface RT is actually good.

Windows 8 is that biggest change to Microsoft’s operating system in decades. As I read a ton of the tech sites I have noticed a problem with how people view many of Microsoft’s new product offerings. I felt like writing them down to see if others agreed with me.

First the theory that Windows 8 will not be good for businesses. Now I do not run an IT department but I do have a theory as to why an office may want windows 8. If Windows 8 runs similar to Windows 7 which I assume it does you can stop users from installing programs or changing many system settings. So a business could set up work stations that only allow users to use programs they need. It departments can remove many of the unnecessary tiles and keep the ones they want user to access. Business may even be able to turn off the Start screen altogether and keep users in desktop mode only with the appropriate programs pinned to taskbar. This to me seems like it would stop employees from entering areas they do not need and keeping their work stations simple. Why would businesses not want simplicity and easily customizable workstations? For this reason I think that people especially tech sites should not simply state that Windows 8 will not work for Businesses.

Second thing that bothers me is the idea that the Surface RT is a competitor to the Ipad/Nexus 10. This is simply not true. The Surface competes against low powered laptops. Yes it is a tablet but when I went to check it out today the sales people said the same thing to me over and over again this is a tablet for fun and productivity. They were not trying to get me to buy the Surface RT over the Ipad but instead they were comparing it to expensive laptops. They said if you do not need the power the Surface RT is what you want. The Surface RT is the flashy competitor to the Macbook line. I attend a University that has the Surface and MacBooks in the same room for demo. I actually saw them drawing people away from the Macbooks because they said if all you need is Microsoft word/powerpoint/excel you can do that with The Surface RT and you do not need to spend $1200 on a MacBook. The Surface RT and Windows RT tablets are here to kill the budget Windows and Macbook laptop lines. You see many people I know own Macbooks or low end Windows PC’s and all they need to do is surf the web and use the office suite. The Surface RT is for those people and it is going to make a killing.

Third thing that bugs me is Windows 8 does not have to be intuitive. I have been using Windows 8 for a week or so and I do have to say that it is Microsoft best release to date. I do not understand why people do not like the new start menu? It is a full screen completely customizable start menu. You can put anything you want on it including what used to be in Windows 7. When did customizability become a bad thing to people? I guess that the whole system may not be intuitive but it does not need to be. The learning curve will be faster than many people think and then Windows 8 will be simple on every platform they use. I know when I go home for the holidays I could upgrade my 60 year old parents to Windows 8 and customize their Start screen so they do not get into things they do not need to touch ever. Intuitiveness be damned it is an easy to use system and it is even better with a touchscreen or touchpad. I think Windows 8 will pick up steam and more people will adopt and choose this very smooth OS that will only get better with the updates Microsoft always supplies.