Unable to add any Verge RSS feeds to Snownews

Hello, I use Snownews as my RSS client and I usually have no problems adding feeds to it, but when I try to add http://www.theverge.com/rss/index.xml Snownews says "Invalid XML! Cannot parse this feed!" it then asks me if I want to add a filter script for this feed.

I emailed Verge about it and just got a response back with a link to their list of all the different RSS feeds, none of which work with Snownews.

I think the problem is that the link to the .xml isn't just the XML file but it is packaged with the popup that asks you which RSS client you want to use etc. This might be causing problems with RSS clients where you add the URL manually.

Anyone else that uses Snownews and has been able to add any of the Verge RSS feeds?