Why Windows laptops are better than Mac laptops

Hi The Verge warriors !

I just wanted to clarify something before i'll begin writing this post, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION, and obviously some of you might disagree with me, but here's why a Windows OS laptop is better than Mac powered laptops (MacBook Air...etc)

First of all there's a huge price gap between the two camps, While Mac offers that Apple"y" experience that an Apple nerd would like to have even if he has to pay the big bucks to get it, it is not that convincing to most users these days, and the limited choice tied with an incredible price, and basically being locked down in the Mac very closed ecosystem is just something that wouldn't appeal to me as a guy who just like to snag a sofwate from the internet install it, enjoy Steam games without any hassle (and yeah, i'm talking real DirectX powered games), and being able to run productivity software with no hassle even though Mac does support some of that stuff, however the hardware is really limiting what the software in Mac OS can do.

On the other hand we have a huge selection of PCs, running all kinds of great hardware, with different form-factors, different screens, with different resolutions, and a whole stack of CPUs and GPUs combination that makes the laptop market more appealing to major laptops makers to compete on and try to provide the user with the best bang for the buck, and there's basically room for everybody to favor something over another, and each sets of laptops are targeting a different audience based on the price points that they're situated in. And with Intel's imagined Ultrabooks, Windows fans can have the same or better experience than a MacBook Air user is having at a lower price.

And the killer in all that is definitly Mac versus Windows, there's a clear winner here, and you all probably know it and admit it, it's the Windows OS, with its ability to run x86/x64 software, DirectX games, and any combination of hardware which are extremly well supported by hardware manufacturers, and it basically offers more possibilities to the user because... again Windows OS is much more open than what Mac OS is, it's just the difference between being able to run whatever stuff you happen to be downloading on the net, and being locked to a very limited set of apps on Mac, and yes, even with this strategy from Apple Virus found their way in and a lot of Apple's computers seemed to be infected...

The Retina display... now that is something that we've had a lot of debates about, but in summary, human's vision won't improve... at some point Retina will become pointless (because obviously the dpi count will continue to rise), and at some point you will thank yourself for not paying a couple of thousands of bucks for a Retina MacBook Air that is suffering so hard to drive its display, and you're basically all dissaointed for buying it, and buying an enough high density Windows laptop or Ultrabook than can do just the same or more on an acceptable resolution. You should just look at Josh's thoughts about the iPad-Mini, while it doesn't have a Retina display (only 1024x768 in an 7ish inchs screen size) he found it better for reading than the Nexus 7 which has higher pixel density, finally it doesn't matter that much.

The ideas in my post might be arranged incorrectly or in a random way, but the important thing is, while Mac laptops offers a good experience for Apple nerds, and the Retina display just kicks ass (while the hardware is seriously struggling to drive it), Windows Ultrabooks or even regular laptops are probably a better choice for everyone for the reasons i've mentionned and others that might be hinted by you in this topic.