Lumia 920 (bits and bobs)...

Well I have fully read most of the reviews across the web for the Lumia 920. I have concluded that this is still the phone for me and will be getting it in the coming weeks hopefully unlocked in white.

It was good to read Engadgets review. They also noticed that the daylight photos weren't up to standard...

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for daytime photography......We spoke with Nokia at length about this and were told it's at least in part thanks to some pending software tweaks to increase sharpness -- but that doesn't explain why we didn't see any such aberrations when we visited Finland to test a 920 last month.

Its good that Nokia have been officially contacted about this issue and I hope they aggressively issue some software updates to address it, fingers crossed.

On the plus side... the extremely low-light situations, where most phones fall flat on their face, the Lumia 920 indeed hit its stride. Everything from contrast to color reproduction in low-light imagery was truly superior in the 920 to any other shooter we sampled it against, living up to Nokia's claims on that front.

Here in the UK it looks like Nokia are doing some noticeable marketing. Yesterday I saw two adverts for the Lumia on tv. Also the flagship Selfridges store in central London has a nice display up promoting the Lumia...

Lumia in London 1

Lumia in London 2

Lumia in London 3

Lumia in London 4