Ecosystem score. Why is it only based on apps?

If possible, I would like to get an answer from The Verge staff, or at least a logical explanation.

In October, the Microsoft ecosystem finally became to fruition. Gone are the days of not having something close to resemblance between the multiple Microsoft consumer products,

Now, we have Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox and Xbox Music, Office, Skype, Skydrive and other services, all working together pretty well. Not perfect, but it's something that it didn't really exist just a few weeks ago.

So why doesn't this seem to integrate into the ecosystem score? Why does it seem to be all about third-party apps, and not the services and apps already integrated into the products?

You might argue that the ecosystem score does indeed integrate this new wave of products from Microsoft. Well, in that case, you're lying. It would be impossible to follow this logic and score the new Windows Phones with a 5, when older ones like the, for example, Lumia 800, got a 6!

You could also argue that the competition also improved their ecosystem. It's true, but they had an ecosystem back in the 6 score, while Microsoft didn't. Now that Microsot have it, their score lowers instead of improving. Again, illogical.

My point being, why is the ecosystem introduced now being rated lower than when Microsoft didn't really have an ecosystem?