Switching to WP8: Where are my apps?

I'm taking the plunge. I'm buying the HTC 8x as soon as it's released.

I've been an iPhone owner and Apple fan-boy for 4 years. I have an iPhone 4s, Macbook Air and an iPad 2. I really love Apple products, but my experience with them is starting to get stale. I think I'm just tired of the same grid of icons that I've been looking at every for so long and the visual design of Windows 8 and WP8 have swayed me. I'm installing Windows 8 on my Air and getting the 8x. The problem is that I have so many apps that I love that are all rooted in apple's ecosystem. That's where you come in: What apps have you found to replace your favorites in iOS?

Here are some of my most used iOS apps:

  • Things
  • Byword
  • Pocket
  • Tweetbot
  • Readability
  • Day One
  • SoundHound

What apps have you found to replace these and what other apps have you fallen in love with? Are there any reasons I should rethink this decision? Lastly, what are your thoughts on the 8x?