Motorola's Xoom Family Edition finally receiving ICS update.


I know many of you have been waiting very patiently for this prematurely announced update. When the tablet first came out. Motorola announced that it is "Ice Cream Sandwich ready" But months later we still see no updates. Everyone had been getting upset it has gone into Q4 a while ago and still no word from Motorola. But I am posting this to break the Ice. We are finally receiving the update. Last night while I was surfing the web. I saw on my taskbar an icon i hadn't seen on my tablet before. I clicked on it. What do you know. My tablet actually has an update. I let it do the work. Once everything been updated. My tablet reboots and I am greeted with a new unlock screen. I tried to unlock it but it was really lagging. After 2 soft resets My tablets still really wonky. I had been on the phone with Motorola for a while. Things like apps and my keyboard were all to laggy to even use, and my tablet was freezing constantly. But after a long while, my tablet started working like new. No... Newer! I am very happy right now with the update. but everyone, with your updates. You might or might not have problems. I don't know, but be cautious with the updates. Overall though I am glad I updated.