The Verge App: Notifications (mock up)

As i like to be updated with the latest technology news, and i often use The Verge application quite alot on my Android phone. I like the Notifications on Android, and the expand feature on them, so i decided to make a little feature for the Verge application, i use the Android app daily so that's why i have chosen to do it for Android, i haven't got an iOS device. ( Newby with Photo Shop so don't hate on the mock ups :) )

Advantages of Notifications

  • Keep updated with news without opening actual app
  • Personalize - Stay updated of particular "hubs" of the Verge, Android, Apple, Gaming etc
  • The Verge can now push notifications to your on new posts (maybe a Disadvantage to the user)
  • Expandable notifications (Android feature)

Vergen1_medium Verge2_medium


Verge3_medium Verge4_medium


As you can see by the images, you can personalize which hubs you want to see in your notification window, or even all news from The Verge. Also if there is more than one published article, the expandable notification will display the other news headlines, and a link to the specific hub.

Please give me your thoughts, or just shoot me down if the idea fails completely :)