iPad Mini impressions after visit in Apple Store

I've just came back from local Apple Store. I wanted to play with the new iPad Mini as I didn't really have a chance before.

First thing I've noticed - its light, really light. I picked it up and was like "wow.. seriously?.." Feels great. I was ready to open my wallet, but..

The screen. Well, to be honest, my eyes are little bit spoiled by my retina MBP but that screen is just "meh". I knew about it, Ive read about it and wasn't expecting miracles but the screen just wasn't good enough. I tried to convince myself that dpi is the same as 1080p on a 13 inch laptop (which is pretty awesome) but that didn't help. Then, I started to play with it. Same apps as big iPad, feels fast and snappy. I like the aspect ratio. I kinda realized, I can live with that screen because apps are great. So many great iPad exclusives and this small thing can run them all.

Ironically, I tired latest iPad 4, but I kinda hate it know. It's massive. It's so heavy, so thick and that bezel looks ridiculous.