8 GB or 16 GB Nexus 4?

So I'm curious to hear from Android users whether they think an 8GB Nexus 4 is enough storage.

I'm coming from a Nokia N8, and of its 16 GB capacity, I have 12.7 remaining. That said, Belle is a very efficient OS, so I'm not sure if the same would be true on an Android device. That's with quite a few high-res 12 MP photos, but not a whole lot of apps or music (I don't listen to music when I'm out very much). For the most part, I think mobile games are pretty lame, especially 3D/action titles, since the interface is so badly compromised, so I'm not sure how many "heavy" titles I'll indulge in that would tax my storage space.

I would like to take better advantage of the Android ecosystem and see what it has to offer app-wise, so with the moderate users among you, would I be constrained much by the 8GB model if it means saving 20% of the up front cost?