Nokia Juggernaut/1000, HTC Zenith/Titan III, Microsoft Surface Phone, ATIV Note 8

Now that we've seen the Windows Phone 8 release hardware, what woud you like to see in the upcomming Nokia, HTC, Microsoft and Samsung S4 Pro Harware comming mid-cycle next year?

Nokia and HTC noticibly left the 4.8 to 5.5 inch Mobile phone Market absent even though there was plenty of talk about High end harware from each manufacturer featurng the upcomming quad core S4. Perhaps OIS and Oversampling in a 5 inch Lumia 1000 or a return to the 16 MP camera with Sony's new sensor in tow for a 5 inch Titan III. Every high end phone and many tablets next year will come with the S4 Pro, but are their any other checkboxes that you still want checked from Nokia, HTC, Samsung or Microsoft for March/April of next year?