Nokia I'm rooting for you but...

Though I'm dead set on getting the 920, the 8x has given me cause to head ashtray several times. (And yes I've seen both in person) It truthfully is a beautiful phone and I would not mind having it. But in the end it's Nokia's apps that have won me over.

All that being said HTC does seem to have their heads on much straighter than Nokia does. I mean whether you're a fan of Nokia or not you can't deny that their "Go To Market" strategy has been puzzling (to say the least);
We still don't know the price
We still don't know the release date
We can only get it on AT&T
People can only get Cyan if they order online
OISgate, back in September
The presenters were horrible when the phone was unveiled back in September.
The thickness and weight (not a big deal for me but hey) people really care about those things

Now in comparison lets look at the Windows Phone 8x:
They had a great unveiling that surprised everyone The phone will be available on all carriers (save sprint, bit that's another post)
We know the phone will be $99
We know it will be available around thanksgiving.
The phone light and it's design gives it the appearance of being super thin.

Speaking of design, ask yourself; if someone likes the bold colors and tiles these phones have to offer and decides they what to take a gamble with wp8 (I know it's not a gamble but I'm referring to the average customer who will be choosing wp8 as apposed to the established ecosystems of iOS and Android which all their friends are using)

Doesn't Nokia think it's a bit much to ask them switch networks too. Apparently they don't but HTC does. And this is what confuses me. Nokia desperately needs this phone to be a hit (perhaps even move than HTC). So why do they seem to be making such strange moves.

Now I'll say again, Nokia will be getting my money (whenever they'll take it smh) But it's not me that they need to convince, I'm one of the faithful. It's the mass market they need and as of now it seems HTC is I'm a much better position to get the masses on their side.