FULL Nokia Lumia 920 Review List

This is a definitive list of Lumia 920 Reviews... ONLY reviews. No previews in here. If I have missed some please let me know and I will add it:

The Verge http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/1/3584486/nokia-lumia-920-review

Pros: Low Light Camera, Screen, Nokia Software

Cons: Heavy, ecosystem, LTE Reception

Engadget http://www.engadget.com/2012/11/02/nokia-lumia-920-review/

Pros: Display, Video Capture, Low light Camera

Cons: Softness in photo, unwieldy, apps, Sluggish refresh on social networks

Slashgear http://www.slashgear.com/att-nokia-lumia-920-review-03255516/

No Pros/Cons Section

Laptop Mag http://www.laptopmag.com/nokia-lumia-920.aspx

Pros: Slick design, Super Camera, Eye popping HD screen, wireless charging, Nokia apps

Cons: Heavy, app selection, NFC sharing difficult

Cnet (US) http://reviews.cnet.com/nokia-lumia-920/

Pros: Wireless Charging, Screen, Nokia Apps

Cons: Thick, not enough camera settings

Cnet (UK) http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/mobile-phones/nokia-lumia-920-review-50009101/

Pros: Screen, Design, WP8, Nokia Apps, Wireless Charging

Cons: Lack of apps, Unimpressive battery life, Heavy

ZDnet http://www.zdnet.com/first-impressions-nokia-lumia-920-windows-phone-8-smartphone-7000006799/

Pocketlint http://www.pocket-lint.com/review/6042/nokia-lumia-920-windows-phone-review

No Pros/Cons

Trusted Reviews http://www.trustedreviews.com/nokia-lumia-920-pureview_Mobile-Phone_review

No Pros/Cons

Expert Reviews http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/smartphones/1295656/nokia-lumia-920/2

No Pros/Cons (notable - Video Battery rundown was 6hrs 56 mins versus 5.5 for 8x)

Pc Advisor http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/reviews/mobile-phone/3379587/nokia-lumia-920-review/?tab=verdictTab#top

Pros: Great Screen, camera

Cons: Chunky Design, App store


Allaboutwindowsphone http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/features/item/16087_PureView_shootout_Nokia_808_vs.php

Conclusion: 2nd best to only Nokia 808 Pureview