RMAA for the Surface

Given that I did not find any RMAA for the Surface online I proceeded with my own testing. Granted, I did the test with my integrated (crappy) sound card, so results can just get better with proper equipment for testing specially on noise level and dynamic range. I encourage anyone with better audio equipment to perform their own testing and publish the results.


Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB -0.10, -0.55 Good
Noise level, dB (A) -82.7 Good
Dynamic range, dB (A) 82.6 Good
THD, % 0.0040 Very good
THD + Noise, dB (A) -76.7 Average
IMD + Noise, % 0.019 Very good
Stereo crosstalk, dB -83.1 Very good
IMD at 10 kHz, % 0.022 Good
General performance Good


via i50.tinypic.com

I must say that the Surface performs remarkably well with my Westone UM3X and Senns 205, driving them with no problem at all at high volume levels with no distortion and excellent sound stage, no need for an amp whatsoever.