Surface RT lock screen graphical anomaly.

I first got a Surface RT on launch day. Love the product considering its construction, dimensions/ergonomics, touch keyboard, and Windows 8 and all its beauty.

One minor issue that kept coming up though was a graphical, erm, glitch on the lockscreen upon wake. A flash of my currently chosen theme color would appear for half a second over my lock screen image. It wasn't happening everytime I woke it up, but roughly 30% of the time or so. Kind of embarassing when using the device infront of people at work or school.

So today I went to the MS store I bought it from to have it looked at. They were really fast helping me out, and my Surface did the flashing color glitch the first time we tried it. The girl helping me offered to replace my whole unit no questions asked, so we did that. Now I have a brand new Surface.

My brand new Surface is doing the exact same glitch upon waking. I've only had it for a few hours, and I've seen it several times. I havn't run the updates on this new Surface, and I just now did, and they are installing presently. Will be testing thoroughly

Has anyone else seen this lock screen glitch, or any graphical glitches similar to it on their's?