As soon as it was unveiled on stage in October, I started looking forward to getting the new iMac in for review. See, my main machine is a 13-inch MacBook Air, which I mostly love. But sometimes I want a bigger screen for watching movies, or more processing power when I'm dealing with photos or video, or a half-decent GPU when I feel like playing games. The new iMac promised all that, in a newly slim package that would fit nicely on my desk.

Then there's the Mac mini, which has occupied a spot in my living room for years. Mine's old, and showing its age – it can barely handle high-def video, and even stumbles on some basic tasks. Apple updated that in October too, bestowing upon its tiny desktop a new processor and the new Fusion Drive.

I've been counting pennies ever since, waiting to see if it's truly time to upgrade my setup. I've now had a chance to live with both of Apple's new desktops, but am I buying? Should you?