This might sound crazy...

Ok, this might sound a little crazy, but I've had enough of the outrageous phone bills I pay every month (>$100). I pay Right now, I'm on contract with Verizon using a Galaxy Nexus. We just got the newest iPad with Verizon LTE but haven't set it up. I was thinking I don't really need a smartphone with the new iPad. What if I get a dumbphone and use it prepaid, buy a monthly allotment of data for the iPad from Verizon which will let me tether, and then use that to tether my Galaxy Nexus? Now I know I'd be having to carry 3 devices at once, but the iPad and Galaxy Nexus doesn't have to go everywhere with me.

The phone would be for communicating family and friends via phone calls and texting. The iPad lets me use the internet. With tethering, I could use the Galaxy Nexus as I normally do, only without the voice call feature. The tethering feature would be $30/month for 2GB of data and a prepaid voice/texting plan isn't that much more. In total, I'd be saving almost half what I currently pay. I know I could go to another carrier and get unlimited, but Verizon has the best reception where I live and I would like to keep it.

What are your guys' thoughts? Am I insane? Do you have any crazy thoughts yourself?