What's in your dock? (Update 2.0)


The dock has been a core part of iOS and OS X. It's what the Start button (was) to Windows.

Thus I believe it important to do a massive dock compilation - the biggest any Apple forum has ever seen.

My OS X dock

I have a pretty neat dock. This is my updated and revised dock:

From right to left: Finder, Launchpad (yes Josh, I use it. But if I want to-do things faster I use Alfred), Google Chrome, Sparrow, Calendar, Evernote, Wunderlist, Reeder, Pocket, Simfy (as we don't have Spotify in South Africa), iTunes 11, App Store, Facetime, BitTorrent (from experience a lot faster than uTorrent), Settings, Downloads and Trash.


Your dock?

Want your docks to be here? Just post it, pictures and info of what apps you are using would be much appreciated!

And remember; the more people you share this post with the more docks will be here.